Here's the keyboard I use, an ErgoDox with a custom keymap

I build things for the web. I specialize in React, but I also have experience building APIs and full stack applications with Node.js. I can assess and organize complex ideas and build them from the ground up, as well as analyze existing applications and find the best ways to improve them. I have a strong drive for excellence and I'm heavily focused on user experience.

I'm currently working full time as a front end developer. I've also worked as a full stack consultant, VoIP software developer, software quality assurance specialist, designer, and I've even worked in customer support. All of these experiences strongly influence my perspective on building applications.

I started in design, earning a bachelor of fine arts in illustration and working as a web and graphic designer. This taught me how to arrange visual elements for the best possible experience. Having worked in quality assurance, I know how many ways a thing can break and how to hit it from every possible angle, which helps me build resilient applications. My time in customer support showed me how to see things from the customer's perspective, and because of that I build applications that are flexible and intuitive enough for anyone to use.

And to achieve all of that, I have a pretty simple methodology: plan diligently, focus my efforts, and beat the crap out of whatever I'm building until it stops falling over.