Screenshot of Tar Pit Studios Jamstack website and store, built by James Nuanez.

Jamstack with Next.js

Built with Next.js to combine the fluidity of React with the speed of static site generation and the flexibility of API routes, this application connects to Braintree and Printful for serverless payment processing and product management. Deployed to Vercel.

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Screenshot of Jambonz CPaaS front end, showing one step in a multi-step setup process, built by James Nuanez.

CPaaS Front End

Built with Create React App using React Hooks and styled-components, this user interface provides an effortless provisioning and configuration experience, including some fun front-end features like table sorting and bulk editing.

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Screenshot of Tilth & Tine website built with Svelte, Prismic CMS, and Cloudflare Workers, built by James Nuanez.

Svelte & Prismic CMS

Built with the Svelte framework Sapper (precursor to SvelteKit), integrated with Prismic CMS, and automatically deployed to Cloudflare Workers using BitBucket Pipelines.

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Screenshot of a full stack application that manages conference bridges and call transcriptions, built by James Nuanez.

Full Stack Conferencing

Built with Create React App, styled-components, Node.js, MySQL, OpenAPI / Swagger, and Tape for testing, this application manages conferencing bridges and call transcriptions for a connected VoIP application.

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Screenshot of a front end that presents a chat-style view of call transcriptions in real time, built by James Nuanez.

Real-Time Transcriptions

Front end to display real-time call transcriptions via WebSockets, built with Create React App and Ant Design.

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